Wednesday, May 29, 2013


  • Volume Booster

    Say good-bye to limp, lifeless hair. With extracts of fennel and visnaga vera, Sans Fine Hair Wash fattens and bulks up the intercellular structure of the hair fiber, thickening strands from the inside out. The fresh, cleansing shampoo nourishes and stimulates the scalp, while its gentle, formula protects hair from color fade.
    • Hair wash that fattens and bulks up the hair fiber
    • Nourishes and stimulates the scalp
    • Protects hair from color fade

    Essential Elements: Fine Hair Wash is enriched with small molecular proteins that penetrate the hair to fortify and restructure. A scalp circulation complex enhances microcirculation to the scalp and delivers nutrients to the follicle. Vitamin A normalizes scalp function and oil production to avoid limpness. Size: 8 oz.

    Free of: Parabens, sulfates, silicones, artificial colors, fragrances or petrochemicals

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