Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shoe of the Day!

Leather open toe boots

Cute spring scoot arounds!


What are you eating these days? I am totally obsessed with getting as much healthy food into my body as possible, sure i love a slice of pizza or a good burger but i find myself often very uninterested in food or the flavors.  I love the plan below, I think I may just have to explore and give this a try. Stay tuned. . .

Breakfast: Avocado mash on a toasted sprouted English muffin. How-to: Spread on mashed avocado, and add a squeeze of lemon and chili flakes. Try: Food for Life Ezekiel 4.9 English Muffins. Lunch: Brown rice with mung beans and fermented vegetables. Try: Farmhouse Culture Ginger Beet and Horseradish Leek krauts. Dinner: Stuffed red peppers. How-to: Char peppers over an open flame until skins are black; peel, halve, and de-seed. Fill with cooked quinoa, walnuts, and parsley. Bake for 15 minutes at 350° F.
Breakfast: All-greens shake. How-to: Mix spinach, kale, parsley, and celery (add half an avocadoto make it creamy). Lunch: Lentil soup with a spinach-and-roasted-parsnip salad. How-to: Add grated ginger, cumin, or coriander to a vegetable-stock-based lentil soup. Top spinach with roasted parsnips and a squeeze of lemon. Dinner: Polenta with mushrooms, English peas, asparagus, and thyme. How-to: Make (or buy) fresh polenta cakes. Cook vegetables in vegetable stock until tender; pour over polenta.
Breakfast: Organic puffed quinoa cereal with almond milk, maca, and bananas. Try: Kosher Mills Pop-Quin Puffed Quinoa Cereal. Lunch: Fava bean purée on rye toast with chopped mint, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, black olives, and lemon. How-to: Blend fava beans until creamy. Scoop onto bread and add the "fixings." Dinner: Vegetable stir-fry with an arugula, apple, and pine-nut salad. How-to: Sauté various greens (collards, kale, Swiss chard) with onions and sliced red cabbage. Dress salad with apple cider vinegar.
Breakfast: Sprouted toast with raw walnut butter and banana slices. Be generous with the bananas. Lunch: Warm lentil salad dressed with balsamic vinegar. How-to: Cook lentils until soft; add chopped beets, shallots, fresh basil, and a few soaked walnuts. Dinner: Smashed fingerling potatoes and leeks, plus a cucumber, avocado, radish, and pea-shoot salad with salsa verde dressing. How-to: Mash cooked potatoes with chili flakes and pepper. Cut leeks in half, add thyme, and bake at 350° F for 30 minutes.
Breakfast: Organic rolled oats with dried white mulberries. How-to: Soak oats overnight in nut or coconut milk until creamy. Lunch: Zucchini purée and sautéed spinach with balsamic vinegar.How-to: Blend zucchini, Brazil nuts, tahini, lemon juice, and mint. Garnish with chili flakes. Dinner:Raw cauliflower tabouleh with zucchini pancakes. How-to: Chop cauliflower, shallots, mint, and tomato; add lemon and sumac. Grate zucchini and add salt; soak for 10 minutes. Drain, then add rice flour and thyme. Form into small patties; sauté until brown.
Breakfast: Coconut "yogurt" with pistachios. How-to: Blend coconut meat and water, add probiotics, and ferment for 12 hours (or buy it ready to go). Try: Anita's Creamline Coconut Yogurt.Lunch: Chickpea salad with marinated carrots, cilantro, and black olives. How-to: Soak carrots in lime juice, cumin, salt, and honey for five minutes; pour over drained canned beans. Add olives and cilantro. Dinner: Quinoa spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, oregano, and garlic; shaved fennel with green olives, Meyer lemon, and balsamic vinegar.
Breakfast: Cauliflower mash. How-to: Steam cauliflower until soft; purée with a teaspoon of raw coconut oil and salt. Lunch: Open-faced DLT (dulse seaweed strips, little gem lettuce, and tomato). How-to: Toast sprouted bread and layer like a BLT. Hate seaweed? Make it an ALT (avocado). Dinner: Artichoke risotto, plus a treviso (or radicchio), onion, and citrus salad. How-to:Roast trimmed and quartered baby artichokes. Sauté garlic and onion, add rice and vegetable stock, and cook until stock is absorbed. Nestle artichokes into risotto.
Breakfast: Chia seed "pudding" with seasonal fruit. How-to: Mix a 1:3 ratio of chia seeds to low-fat coconut milk; soak overnight. Lunch: Warm white beans with chopped sage, plus a dandelion, date, and red-onion salad with pumpkin-seed dressing. How-to: Blend sprouted pumpkin seeds, lemon juice, garlic, and parsley, and pour over salad. Dinner: Zucchini noodles with mint-pistachio pesto and roasted carrots with honey. How-to: Place zucchini in a spiralizer (we like Paderno's) to make linguine-like strips. Boil for two minutes.
Breakfast: Raw organic granola with almond or hemp milk and blueberries. Look for "buckwheat" on the label—it has a low-glycemic index. Lunch: Sweet potato vegetable wrap. How-to: Bake sweet potato, mash, and scoop onto a sprouted-grain wrap; add arugula and fermented or steamed vegetables. Dinner: Warm farro with garlic and rosemary; arugula salad with pine nuts and a lemon-juice-and-balsamic-vinegar dressing. How-to: Braise baby garlic bulbs in vegetarian stock. Pour over the farro.
THREE GUILT-FREE SWEET SNACKS (ONE A DAY, PLEASE) 1. Chocolate-avocado mousse Blend an avocado, raw cacao, honey, and a touch of water. Chill in small cups or serve at room temperature. 2. Berry chia "pudding" Purée frozen berries (cherries are good) with a little water and honey. Stir in chia seeds (a 1:4 ratio of chia seeds to purée). Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. 3. Raw dark chocolate Look for organic and sugar-free. You'll be surprised how a square or two is all you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try One Lucky Duck Chocolate Bar.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Shoe of the Day!

Alice + Olivia
Gwenie Heel

Retro Swimwear

I love the looks, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana 


Norma Kamali

Whether a 1-piece or a 2-piece, i love the look of  the retro swimwear.

Further inspiration to rock your curves!!!!

on the run

I don't care if we on the run
Baby as long as I'm next to you
And if loving you is a crime
Tell me why do I bring out
The best in you

Friday, April 25, 2014

Shoe of the Day!

Surface to Air

Trust me when I tell you, there is no sandal that matters more.

Here I am in mine this past weekend: 

Simple. Chloe.

4.26.14 - tomorrow.

Taurus is one of the most ancient signs of the zodiac and celebrates the domestication of the ox, which provided a cultural turning point for mankind. During the Taurean Age (4000 - 2000 BC), ancient civilisations flourished upon the labour of the bull and the agricultural benefits that arose from the associated invention of the plough. During this period the bull became one of the most important religious symbols, honoured as a powerful symbol of productivity and creativity.

Today the sun passes through Taurus during the blossoming period of spring when new growth begins to colour and flower. This is a time of pleasant, relaxing warmth, lush greenery and gentle colours; the season of fertility where nature abounds with the rearing of the young and tender.

Although renown for its reserves of strength and power, Taurus symbolises a mellow energy, easy going and slow to arouse in any particular passion. Those born under this sign like to take things easy and have a gift for appreciating the finer things in life. They may not demand the instant attention commanded by the livelier signs, but give them time and they start to reveal a depth of character that is very alluring and attractive. The Taurean manner is comforting, supportative and marked by a dry and earthy humour - neither subject to airy illusions or undue emotional excitement, their subtle 'get real' approach is a refreshing and welcomed anchorage point for those of us who are easily infected by exaggerated dreams, fiery passions, or unrealistic promises.

The gift of the Taurean is resilience, fixidity and endurance. Taureans are often accused of being too fixed in their opinions and too slow to embrace change or mental motivation, but their insights have settled slowly, taking time to mature, and thus carry a strength of permanence that is resistant to superficial movement. What manifests as stubbornness to some can be seen from the opposite side as reliable reassurance and rare constancy. When Taureans adopt a cause or commit to friendship, they honour their pledges and allegiances, remaining steadfast to their loyalties through thick and thin.

It is often said that you can't push a bull, you can only lead it from the front. Approach Taureans from the wrong angle and they simply become the immovable object that even the most irrepressible force won't shift. Although their nature is not aggressive, when locked in combat they possess the ultimate strength - the determination to do nothing at all, except refuse to shift. The capacity for stillness is a rare talent, and should a Taurean decide to park itself down and just sit, slow persuasive tactics are the only antidote. Brute force, intimidation, fear and threats roll off the back of a creature that knows you will tire of the game before it does.

Taureans are inherently placid, so it is rare for them to lose their temper and display anger and aggression. When they do, fearful as they become, they lose touch with their true strength and display their vulnerability. They don't respond in anger lightly, so the act itself is a sign of severe distress and emotional confusion that deserves some consideration. But if a Taurean 'loses it', their instinct is to charge and rage; they display their distress through instantaneous physical destruction, noises and bangs rather than hurtful mental assaults, verbal spears, or the execution of a pre-planned attack. The proverbial 'bull in a china shop' has no purpose in the destruction, but by comparison to the innate strength and power of a raging bull, all the surroundings seem fragile and easily broken. Ultimately they will be the most distressed and frightened by the intensity of their passions and seek to close that vulnerability by hardening themselves emotionally. There are places that Taureans just do not want to go, making them the least communicative of all the zodiac types when it comes to revealing their inner workings or relating openly and honestly about their emotional drives.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shoe of the Day!

Emerson Frye
Italian Patchtoe Slingbacks

Worn several ways:


1. At your house, bottles of eau de parfum aren't solely reserved for vanities. 2. Also, you're obsessed with things that come in orange boxes. So much so that instead of parting with the packaging you stack it as an objet d'art.
3. Brocade and velvet are your favorite textures.
4. Your balcony is wrapped in ornately melded wrought iron.
5. Fans, no way! When it comes to what's hanging overhead, it's either an antique chandelier or Serge Mouille lighting.
6. You are a master at mixing the classics with contemporary pieces.
7. As far as you're concerned, all-white bedding is the only option. 8. When not sleeping, you prefer to kick your feet up on a chaise lounge or tête-à-tête sofa.
9. Your alarm clock is Cartier.
10. You're never low on fromage and baguettes.
11. You collect Paris memorabilia (who can say no to a mini Eiffel Tower?!).