Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Universal Cafe
If you have not been - Universal Cafe is a wonderful spot for Brunch on Saturday or Sunday.

They have a waiting list at the door - be prepared to wait for 30mins +. It's a small space so seating is tight but the fresh food and bi-weekly changing menu is to die for.

Universal Cafe
2814 19th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 821-4608

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Four Seasons, SF

Four Seasons - SF
Ok. . . I am a bit hotel-obsessed at the moment but I am continually satisfied with the Four Seasons.
Just a tip: brunch on Saturday and Sunday rocks!

I have been going consistently for about a month now. Parking is easy down there and Barney's is just a block away for a little post-brunch therapy.

Oh and a side note, it is also a celeb spot - so far I have seen Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson, William Baldwin and his wife and the NBA uses it as a hub when the teams are in town. (The Sports Club LA is next door with a full basketball court.) Chicago Bulls there today, too bad they got NO GAME!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

After the party . . . it’s the hotel lobby

I've been in a hotel bar kinda-mood lately. Give me the Four Seasons NYC or the W Westwood in LA any day of the week.

I can't seem to figure out why the hotel bar situation in San Francisco is lacking. I say let's bring it.

I've been traveling over to the lobby bar at the Four Seasons, people this is for grown folks. A lovely selection of appetizers and wines by the glass.

Been to the bar at the St Regis or W in SF? Both are also great spots to linger for after work cocktails or weekend pre-dinner drinks.

I'm just sayin. . . for the 30-something + crowd, we need something a bit more distinguished.

See you there!

St Regis Bar in San Francisco

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Advice

I received the following request from a girlfriend:

forgive the random sf-advice-emails, but i need your yelp-like advice yet again. . .for my oh-so-testosterone-fueled male friend. . . see below. . .

"I'm meeting this chicky who is in from out of town tonight and she's staying at a local hotel, what are some good spots to grab a drink that will help me get laid? I was thinking clift hotel, maybe medjool (is that rooftop just for warm weather?), or maybe something with a view but no cover".

men are so pleasant arent they? least he is honest.

Redwood Room at the Clift on Geary

so the clift is a good spot. . .
the bar at the Four Seasons is cool - i like it anyhow, pretty grown up though ladies do like that
the bar at Chez Papa Resto on Jessie is very cool (nice bar to saddle up to)
the bar on at the Marriott on 4th street - yeah its the Marriot but its on the 39th floor, great views, piano bar feel
the bar at the St Regis, nice spot (on 3rd)

HMMM - guess im in a hotel kinda mood today, wishing i was in NYC at the Four Seasons bar myself having a some sliders and a martini.
YUM! DRINKS FOOD FUN - Sign me up.

Hope this helps - i do have more of course if we need to go deeper into my rolodex.
Today's fee will be $1,000,000 - small bills please :)

Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been hearing about "Spruce" now for a few months, "It's in PacHeights, it's great, can I get a private room there". . . YEAH YEAH YEAH.

Being the stubborn Taurus that I am - I have been reluctant to go. After all if it's not in the Mission or SOMA areas - I really have zero interest.

WELL - I dined there the other nite with 3 girlfriends. I showed up early, around 430p (why not get started early!!) Bubbles Please!

The bartender was beyond great - he made my friend who was in the mood for something festive, a Moscow Mule - Vodka, ginger & lime.
Delicious & Refreshing.
The atmosphere in the restaurant is very chic and NY, I was impressed.
We dined and drank, the Sommelier, Andrew, was very helpful and attentive.
I highly recommed this spot for a date, for girlfriends, for a business dinner, for a private dinner party, a buy out for a holiday party or reception.

Only wish it was closer to my hood - Mama doesn't travel to Sac street often!

3640 Sacramento Street