Friday, May 30, 2014

Shoe of the Day!

Saint Laurent
Leather Sandals

sports talk


While I do not believe this means a sudden move to Seattle. . . I do have faith in Steve Ballmer and his savvy, his energy, and ability to really build this franchise.  Be reminded that Microsoft had many years of great success under his watch.

In my opinion they can not get Donald Sterling out fast enough!


street style.


I recently read a quote from a designer that wearing a scarf is the perfect accessory. It creates elegance and length.  Flowing around your body and face.

I never leave home without one. It is my constant.
I live in San Francisco, it is a necessity.



Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shoe of the Day!

Christian Louboutin

The Hat Shop

We were so lucky (!!) - on the hunt for a hat and randomly I google mapped a hat shop near where we standing in soho.
We fell in love and ordered several!

The adorable and knowledgeable owner, Linda.
opened the shop in 1995.
They seriously could do a TV series on this woman, she is incredible.

 I ordered this in BLACK!

And this style in brown.

chapeaux pour tous!!!
hats for all!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shoe of the Day!

 Nike Flyknit! In Seahawks colors!


We had a fabulous time.  Everyday was filled full of sightseeing, tourism, PIZZA, subway rides, laughter, shopping, cocktail hour, shopping and more PIZZA.

So incredibly fun. I miss my ladies already.

Peter & I snuck in a Broadway show before everyone arrived!
We loved it!

Walking in Battery Park.

Lady Liberty

WTC Tower

Always moving to see the 9/11 Memorial. Everyone cried.

Street shots!

In Central Park

Dancing in Highline Park

a cemetery along our way.

Wall Street Bull

Lighting candle for MOM.

Rockafeller Center


My Gorgeous girls!

My beautiful best friend.

Cheers to the weekend ladies & PG!!!


Hot nites!

Until soon NYC.

 And a very special thank you to this man, my world.  You make everything complete. Your support and love for me and my family and my best friends. . . Thank you.  I love you.