Friday, August 28, 2015

Shoe of the Day!

Lace-up leather pumps

Le Visage Lift Contour

We all know aging is inevitable, the search for miracle broths and cures, inject chemicals, plump, lift, poke. . . on and on.  Recently I was introduced to Amina.  An angel sent, le magicien . . . with her inviting french charm and beautifully styled salon, I share with you my unique experience.

Welcome to Bien Etre | well being in French.

Delightful right!??

Amina has combined her science and medical background with the help of a team of experts in the high tech facial rejuvenation to develop the French concept the fountain of youth in bodied in Le Visage Lift Contour Machine. This revolutionary technology involves computerized electronic stimulations using variety of wave-forms sending specific frequencies to stimulate the muscles at the cellular level promoting collagen growth and cellular functions, enhancing the blood flow to increase oxygenation and absorption of nutrients. It also helps the detoxification of the skin tissue by increasing lymphatic system function. All this results instant dramatic changes reversing muscle atrophy by plumping, lifting and contouring the face. Not only that but with this technology Amina is able to diminish dramatically and in most of the cases erase the fine lines and wrinkles in the most difficult common areas around the eyes and the lips. Another frequent problem that she has been able to solve for her clients is dark circles, puffiness and droopy eye lids.

Don't believe me? See for yourself. . .

the chair

the view and a sneak shot of Amina 

And we begin, with a fresh washing of delicious rose cleanser, natural feeling oil, a 10 minute steam. . . the wands begin their magic. 

this goes on for some time - get it all. s'il vous plait!!! 

You can read about the electronic process - similar style was featured in ELLE.
But Amina's machine is unique to her.

Do your own research, but I am convinced of this.

So here I am, post procedure.

Can you tell which side of the face is lifted? Do you see the plumpness vs the droop?
The widening of the eye and raise of the lips?

Here is a close up. Skin like a babies butt!

And how I woke up this morning!
It is slight and yet noticeable. The rounder face and structure.
the brightness of the eye, less dark around it.

the lips lifted and full - on the side with no moles.
See how the mole slide slightly turns down? 
even the nostril is narrower and lifted.
(see the roundness on the left, plump! vs the narrow right side)
this is one treatment. ONE!

le magicien working her magic.

Get on her waiting list ladies! 

Last - thank you to my amazing friend EVA for making the introduction!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Shoe of the Day!

Arnie Boots

Here are some looks from the runway. . . 

So awesome!!!
I had to go visit them at the new store in SF!!

Boots are super comfortable! 

Tried on the runway leather skirt too - fits like a glove!

And this fabulous "Audrey Hepburn" style coat 


❤️💋 to the women who inspire and unite! Women holding women up!!!
To you! To me!

photo taken from instagram account 


Friday, August 21, 2015

Shoe of the Day!!

Embellished Boots

Happy Friday!!!

During a recent shoot, Teigen fused food with fashion, blending her background in modeling with her culinary skills. And the result was stunning. The proof lies in one particular look, which went on to spur an Insta craze. The model-turned-chef snapped a selfie sporting oversize fuchsia Victoria Beckham mirrored aviators ($550;, complete with a fiery matte lip—the work of celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips who layered two Tom Ford lipstick shades True Coral ($52; and Flame ($52;

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Shoe of the Day!

Jacquard Cap-Toe Boots

Here I am today! Rocking my dress and similar boots!