Friday, April 30, 2010

Shoe of the DAY!!

Balmain - Hand-beaded Tribal Sandal


Beautiful & Fabulous looks by Diane Von Furstenberg.
All available on

Armani Oasis in Dubai

Armani's first hotel in the world, which occupies eight floors of the soaring Burj Khalifa in Dubai, a dramatic tower into the sky that is the world’s tallest building.

The 160-room hotel, for which almost no expense has been spared, boasts eight restaurants, a spa and three retail outlets.

In addition to the hotel, Armani has designed seven floors of Armani Residences, also in the Burj Khalifa. Like the hotel, the residences are fully furnished by Armani.

Week at Vogue Sells for $42,500

The bids are in and $42,500 is the cost for a weeklong "experience" at the Vogue offices.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shoe of the Day!


A NEW BARBIE - By Mr. Louboutin

She is so beautiful!


L'oreal Sublime Glow Micro-mist
It's true. I must confess. . . might slight obsession with a sunshine'y glow. I want one year round.
Nothing to strong but just some pigment.
Constantly in search of a self tanner, I have rubbed and sprayed on many creams and goo.
Recently I discovered L'Oreal's micro-mist. It is a super find spray that just lightly coats the skin. I applied it 2x on Saturday and as of today, I am still loving the color on my skin. No mess, no hassle, dries quick. Perfection.
Available at a drug store near you

Le Book 2010

The 2010 edition of Le Book is a must-have for anyone involved in the fashion or advertising industries. Both a source of information and inspiration, and sporting the iconic imagery of photography legend Robert Mapplethorpe.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoe of the DAY

This is a lot of shoe but so beautiful I had to post.

Balmain diddies. . .

Night Punk studded suede clutch

Stretch-cotton camouflage pants
All very expensive. All super fabulous!

Tavi, the 14yr old blogger. . .

Image from her website

Such a darling, intelligent and vibrant young lady.
Just turned 14 and is marketing herself like crazy. i love it.

We Are Owls

Young designers on the scene: Ling & Emily Chen and Connie Wong collaborated to create an accessory line. These scarves look great!
And these are not wispy spring neckties. Imagine a swath of cashmere, sourced from the mountains of Mongolia, emblazoned with images of bird flocks, willow branches, even an oversize (and creepily mesmerizing) skeleton.
I will be keeping an eye on this line forsure!
Source WWD

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shoe of the DAY!!

Christian Louboutin - Relika Patent Mary Jane Pumps

Cynthia Rowley Shapewear. . .

Her new lingerie-inspired collection, dubbed SLIM by Cynthia Rowley, features vaguely VPL-like detailing, including cutouts, sheer paneling, and color-blocking on the contour slips, smoothing bras, and high-waisted panties that flatten those tummy bulges.

The best part is they come in two creative palettes that aren’t merely flesh tones: one set is a black–grayish-purple–nude combo, while the other is nude–hot pink–pastel blue.

Items will be available this July, the range retails for $118 to $226.
Not cheap but WE LOVE IT!

No Waiting List on Birkin Bags

Once an accessories staple of Grace Kelly, the legendary waiting list for the $6,500-plus (and sometimes $120,000-plus) Hermès Birkin bag is NO LONGER!

Don't all rush out at once. . . but just so you know it's available to the rest of us NOW.

Burberry Makeup

British fashion label and Inter Parfums, its beauty licensee, will introduce the Burberry Beauty 96-unit makeup line, which draws inspiration from the brand’s iconic trenchcoat, starting in July.

The collection is the latest addition to the Burberry luxury goods portfolio, which includes several apparel labels, timepieces, accessories and fragrances.
Source: WWD

Friday, April 23, 2010

Shoe of the DAY!!! RANT!!!!!

Oh how do I love thee, let me show you the ways. . .

Boots by Isabel Marant!!
Damn impossible to find - I will not given up, I shall possess these!

Weekend look. . .

Halle looks adorable and comfortable while still very chic.
I think that is a Rick Owens tank. . .love it.

Tank dress, sexy!

Hmmmm, I really dig this.
Maybe this is what Halle has on.

by Bassike - Organic cotton raw-edged tank dress
only $95 at

Halfway Hookers. . . This is worth the read!

The sexiest part of an affair is where it begins. . .

You know what the middle looks like, hotel-sheeted and ultimately routine, and you know the way it will end, but where and how it began is always a little surprising.

Historically, powerful men with slavering appetites have mainly acquired their girlfriends the way a pair of pants gathers lint—rather incidentally. Bill Clinton and his intern. JFK and his secretaries, his stewardess. Collecting a mistress in this way seems, as everything does in the past, more innocent. An abundant young woman wears a daring dress to the office party, and catches the president’s eye.

At the other end of the infidelity spectrum, there is the escort, the call girl. From Charlie Sheen to Eliot Spitzer, famous men since the dawn of arousal have valued the sex professional. She is discreet and it is a transaction and there is the added benefit of selection. The office intern might have caught your eye, but if you’d had it your way, you might have requested her trimmer around the center.

The most famous of Woods’s alleged mistresses is Rachel Uchitel, who occupies a position of power in this strobe network of girls and money and celebrity. As VIP concierge and director of VIP hospitality at Tao in Vegas and at Dune in Southampton and at the Griffin, Marquee, Stanton Social, and Pink Elephant in Manhattan, she was the ambassador of client desire.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shoe of the Day!

Jimmy Choo - Zappa Suede

Estrella Archs Leaves Emanuel Ungaro

She's leaving the label to "continue developing her own brand," which she started in 2007 and shows at Paris Fashion Week. Archs came on two seasons ago to design along with Lindsay Lohan, who was let go after one season.