Friday, February 26, 2010

Shoe of the Day!!

Alexander McQueen - Cuffed Lace-Up Ankle Boots

Must have. . .

Helmut Lang grey lamb leather skinny pants

J.Crew +

J.Crew boyfriend fatigue & collection cocktail dress
J. Crew is going global with

In its first major push overseas, the retailer’s products will be featured on Net-a-porter’s Web site starting in mid-May.

“When we go live in May, this will be announced to our millions of subscribers, celebrated with a cover and a story in our weekly magazine. It is going to be a big deal for us,” said Natalie Massenet, the founder and chairman of

Net-a-porter, which is strictly women’s and offers over 300 designer and contemporary labels, will carry an edited selection of J. Crew’s women’s apparel, shoes and accessories. In addition, J. Crew will provide some exclusive styles and colors to the London-based site.

“This wasn’t like a well-planned out, thoughtful strategy other than we love what Natalie does and hope she loves what we do,” said Millard “Mickey” Drexler, chairman and chief executive officer of J. Crew Group Inc.

Mama can't wait to see what they do. . . stay tuned for more on this for sure!

Must have App!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shoe of the Day!

Yves Saint Laurent High-Vamp Platform Sandal
Such a beautiful color.

Best of . . . .SOUL TRAIN

Time Life & Soul Train have partnered to bring us this amazing collection.

Pre order yours today!
Never before seen performances. . . never released on DVD.
Soul Train is such a classic, it's a must have!

My Love Affair Lives On

With Burberry of COURSE!!

Fall Runway looking AMAZING!

Dedication for the day - Jennifer Pastiloff!!!

The Marriage of two different Cultures: one in Need, one in a place to Give.

I was never one of those girls that sat home and cut out pictures from BRIDE Magazine or planned my big white wedding.

Maybe because my father died when I was eight, and I was worried no one would walk me down the aisle? Or, because before he passed, he and my mother fought like cats and dogs and were possibly the most mismatched couple, always about to divorce? Maybe because I have the world’s smallest family. Maybe I was scared? The reason never mattered to me. I just didn’t envision myself getting married. Not that I didn’t necessarily want to, per se, it was just the visualization of it that eluded me. And, if you have ever been to one of my yoga classes, you know that I talk a lot about visualization. I make vision boards. I watched “ The Secret.”

So when my boyfriend asked me in December to marry him, I naturally freaked out a bit. Not only is a big wedding kind of antithetical to my personality (I am not very good at organizing and planning), but I was just stumped.

How would we do it?

We went to London over Christmas, where he is from. We were going to elope (naturally, I couldn’t imagine my wedding…and I wouldn’t have to, if we eloped in Hyde Park. The answer was clear.)

It didn’t work. I would have had to stay in London for 20 days due to some ancient legal passport baloney, and I simply could not miss that much work. I am a yoga teacher. I pay rent to teach at the donation-based studio where I work and I simply cannot afford to miss that much. One day I visualize I will be able to. Not December 2009.

We came back. Not married.

Then Haiti had the big earthquake.

That is when my visualization happened. I would turn my yoga class, which is run by donation, into a wedding party where all the money would go to Haiti. They, after all, need much more than me, who could use a new frying pan and a lamp…but that’s about it. I created an “event” through Facebook. You can see already how I am not the white wedding dress type of gal. My wedding invite was through Facebook! I even invited all my yoga “fans.”

I instructed everyone to bring something to share. Whether champagne or a poem or popcorn or a song…and definitely a donation to Haiti. There is nothing making me happier right now than the idea that I get to have “my day” as well as help out our brothers and sisters over there. The Red Cross got wind of what I was doing and want to be a part of it. Also, OneHope Wine, a most amazing wine company, is sponsoring me since they donate half of their proceeds to charities.

I am a huge fan of Wayne Dyer and I have learned from him to ask myself daily, “How may I serve?” I live my life like this, and I realized that my wedding party must reflect that as well.

I am in a position to help. So I will. I pay rent on the space I teach in, but I firmly believe that the money will always come back to me. It always does.

This is such a special occasion. Not only is it marking my new life, but it is a sign of the yoga (meaning “union”) of the human spirit. When I told people I was giving the money to Haiti for my wedding, they wanted to be a part of it. Not only are we all coming together on Sunday February 28, 2010, for something as beautiful as a marriage of two people (Jennifer Pastiloff and Robert Taleghany), but for the marriage of two different cultures: one in need, one in the place to give.

I truly believe that sending out our goodwill like this will begin the healing of Haiti, and of the human condition. The pots and pans and dish towels will always be there.

I would really love a wok, though.


Sunday Feb 28 1245 pm at Yogaco. 1408 3rd st Promenade Santa Monica , ca 90401

Jennifer Pastiloff is a yoga teacher and poet based in Santa Monica Ca. This is her first and hopefully last wedding

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shoe of the Day!


Nude's for Spring

Jay Ahr

Oscar de la Renta


Bird Moto

Robert Rodriguez

Gorgeous pieces!

What time is it. . .

Heavy-duty acrylic clock from A&G Merch is a slick little accent piece, with oversize, flipping numbers and a bold black-and-white display. (It's also battery-operated, so you can prop it on a shelf without worrying about hiding dangling cords.)

I love it, just ordered one!

Retro Flip Clock, $29 at A&G Merch or online.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shoe of the Day!

Army Green Manolo Blahnik's

The September Issue

Available TODAY on DVD!

Paris Vogue March 2010

Iselin Steiro by David Sims

Croc Balmain jacket. . . wow

Rick Owens. . .swoon

Strangely fantastic photo shoot

More from NY Runway. . .

Ralph Lauren

Calvin Klein


Mama is obsessed with this D&G distressed denim bag/fanny pack.
Love the tassels and the leather mixed with the denim.
There is another version of this that is more like a clutch less like a pack. . . I am searching for.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shoe of the Day!

Crazy yet gorgeous.
Pierre Hardy


Michael Kors!

He continues to get it right.
I love the suede boots and the leg warmers.

Balmain. . . .hooohummmmm

Dear Balmain,
Your faded denim biker jacket is fabulous!
heavy heavy sigh.
WHY oh WHY is your price so high!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shoe of the Day!

Vera Wang booties!

Marni + Current Elliott

The 2 labels have partnered up to create a fresh spin on the boyfriend jeans look.
Items will be sold this fall in Marni stores.

What a fun and interesting collaboration!

Fashion week. . .

Looks by Proenza Schouler

Look by Oscar de la Renta
Gorgeous green!

Looks by Alexander Wang
These over the thigh leg warmers are HOT!!