Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Shoe of the Day!

3.1 Phillip Lim
Claridge Crocheted-Panel Leather Booties

3rd visit w/ Amina ❥

What's behind door #2!??
The lovely and fabulous Amina at the Bien-Etre salon.
If you have not been following, catch up on visit #1 and visit #2.

mirror mirror on the wall. . . 

Shot from above before we start.

and we begin, sending electricity into the nerves to lift the face and rejuvenate. 

finally getting some attention to my left side - yay!

see the more chiseled jaw line, the opening of the eye, nostrils narrowing. 

Sorry for all the pictures of my MUG but I really wanted to try and capture the difference this makes.

here are some after shots.
2 days later, no makeup. feeling so good!

lounging with Buku, sans makeup.

my face is not perfectly symmetric but I can see the difference and see areas for improvement. 
the left side needs another go.

dark shadows at nite and Amina's work give my face that lifted look.

I couldn't be more pleased with subtle difference but def differences that the treatment is adding to my skin. Youth!!!
As Amina says " Youth is not stretching and injecting, making it wider; it is bringing together and tightening all the little nerves to bring a tighter fuller face."

Merci mon amie!!!!!
Le Magicien waving her magic wands!

Get on the waiting list!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Shoe of the Day!

Amstel Leather Clog
in short and high heel

Gucci SS16 - RUNWAY

I don't know what it is about the collection, perhaps all the snakes, I love snakes.
But this collection is speaking to me.

Military Style Parka

I have always loved the versatility of a good military coat / parka.
You can rock leather or floral, denim or silk. Dress it up with heels or relaxed with a good biker boot.
Make it your own!

this is one of my favorite pairings! LEATHER!


Casual but still pulled together with a handbag and short heel.

Twill Military Coat by J.Crew

Military Parka by Saint Laurent

Double Breasted Wool Military Coat by Gucci

TAG COTTON JAP PARKA by Faith Connexion
Kaki cotton jacket handpainted by the graffiti artists Le H and Reyz

my favorite!