Monday, April 8, 2013

Paris on the mind. . .

Over the weekend I visited if only in my mind.  I ordered a few books and read up on articles.
I can not wait to step foot on Parisian soil.  I came across an older article in the NY Times and I started ordering books ! HA.

Louvre secret et insolite (Louvre secret and unusual)

An array visible on the underside of the place as a mysterious well, an imitator of Vermeer than its model, the Victory of Samothrace in parts, pigments derived from royal hearts, the Salon Carré converted into a chapel, the hairiness Liberty Leading the People, slaves traveling the last royal crown, a Giorgione became a Titian, a pharaoh denied his name, signature inverted, an odalisque hiding two others, an imaginary view of the Louvre in ruins, a baptistery born in Islam ... Curiosities and secrets of the Louvre palace became a museum, have not finished surprising us!

A coffee-table-size book published by Edition Lammerhuber, packaged in a red satin-lined black box and tied up with black grosgrain ribbons. Some of the most beautiful women in the Louvre are here, but not Mona Lisa.

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A small escape, if only for now!

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