Monday, April 15, 2013


VOGUE Artist of the Week: Solange

For a while now, Solange Knowles has been one of those singers you feel warmly about. She has a beautiful voice, impeccable style, and a perfect instinct for what’s cool. Her songs have always been good—though never quite great, never quite hits. Until now. Her new EP True is great. A collaboration with her producer Devonté Hynes (a musician in his own right, Hynes records under the monikers Lightspeed Champion and Blood Orange), the collection of seven songs, out today, has sent ripples across the music world, pleasing fickle bloggers and established critics alike. Among fans, the music video for the EP’s catchy first single “Losing You” has been a sensation.

On the eve of the EP’s release, we spoke on the phone with Knowles as she walked through the airport, on y to Los Angeles to host a listening session for friends.

You can read the rest here.

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