Thursday, March 27, 2014


I get this question a lot. . . "What are your favorite jeans right now. . . "
Here is a list of my top picks of the moment.

Paige Edgemont Ultra Skinny
They come in a variety of colors/washes
the angled zippers are super flattering, as with most jeans, I usually order a little snug.

Here is Oliva Palermo in hers, these are the black silk version
Don't be afraid to tuck your jeans under to get a cropped look from time to time.
(no one notices!)

Paige Marley Moto Jeans.
I love these, i have them in black and in vanilla. i love opening the zipper for that flare.

Here I am in mine.

Lord, Vegas really makes you an animal!

Anine Bing
I don't personally own a pair of hers yet, but I really am loving her version of a skinny and a flare.

GSTAR Midge Cody Skinny
I love how low they put the pockets, makes for a flattering derriere. 
Denim shot, so serious.

Saint Laurent
Faux Leather Denim

Whether you get the SL or another brand, I highly recommend a pair of Vegan Leather britches.
A must have.

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