Monday, January 7, 2013

The next 8 days. Cleanse.

It is probably everywhere you go right now. Cleanse cleanse cleanse. Well I say DRINK THE KOOL AID and get on a program that works for you.  You will feel amazing and full of energy.
You don't need to starve yourself to have success.

Here is what my program will look like and a sample menu:

2 x 12oz vegetable juices
1 x 16oz fruit smoothie
1 x green salad
1 x 12oz daily soup
1 x grain salad (optional as needed)

I will do BAR METHOD daily and take longs walks.
I will take hot baths and steams to be sure I am getting it all out.  SWEATING is KEY.
I will get a facial and a mani pedi.  It is important to treat yourself good during the cleanse process. It makes all of it that much more enjoyable.  It  is a gift your giving yourself, not a punishment.

I will put my updates and photos on the blog, not only to share with you but it keeps me accountable for plan and staying on top of my commitment to MYSELF!!!

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