Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Secret.

It is true what they say. . . Victoria Secret.  For those of you turning your nose up, LISTEN HERE. I do not lie.  I am a snot myself about certain things, but I have found a gem.

For ladies, especially with a larger bust area, the collection of swimsuits are amazing.  Honestly.  I bought my first one piece and my first bikini from them for my recent trip and it blew my other swimsuits away!
I am going back to buy more colors.

Take a peek:
You can order this bikini not only by cup size but by also by back/torso (ie 32, 34, 36).
You can also mix and match bottom styles, from larger style to tiny string bikini.
It all makes for a perfect fit.

My other favorite thing I love from VS is the beach linen britches.
I have posted them before but here they are again.
I buy them in regular and in tall, so I can wear them with flip flops to run around in or
with wedges to dinner .

Ready to plan my next get away in the sun!! :)

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