Tuesday, September 29, 2015

3rd visit w/ Amina ❥

What's behind door #2!??
The lovely and fabulous Amina at the Bien-Etre salon.
If you have not been following, catch up on visit #1 and visit #2.

mirror mirror on the wall. . . 

Shot from above before we start.

and we begin, sending electricity into the nerves to lift the face and rejuvenate. 

finally getting some attention to my left side - yay!

see the more chiseled jaw line, the opening of the eye, nostrils narrowing. 

Sorry for all the pictures of my MUG but I really wanted to try and capture the difference this makes.

here are some after shots.
2 days later, no makeup. feeling so good!

lounging with Buku, sans makeup.

my face is not perfectly symmetric but I can see the difference and see areas for improvement. 
the left side needs another go.

dark shadows at nite and Amina's work give my face that lifted look.

I couldn't be more pleased with subtle difference but def differences that the treatment is adding to my skin. Youth!!!
As Amina says " Youth is not stretching and injecting, making it wider; it is bringing together and tightening all the little nerves to bring a tighter fuller face."

Merci mon amie!!!!!
Le Magicien waving her magic wands!

Get on the waiting list!!

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