Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2nd visit w/ Amina ❥

I had my 2nd appointment with Amina, as you may recall one of my latests posts (here) on the electronic stimulation I am doing at Bien Etre Salon.

We did the right side again! I was a little nervous, just because I am vain and want to be EVEN. But it is so subtle few would take notice. And we really wanted to be able to make a fair comparison.

Glass of Rose anyone? 

Feet up, settling in.

here I am, post 1st treatment, getting ready for 2nd.
again note that the right side of my face is the one we are working on (moleless side).

A quick "selfie" with the lady herself!!!! 
Amina ❥
le magicien

getting in there, lift the eye area, no other treatment can get in around the eyes like this can.

taking a shot from above.

here i am, the right side looking full and younger, look at the difference above my eyelid!

here is close up, side by side 

Merci Beaucoup to le magicien!!!!

Here I am the next morning

Fuller lip, rounded cheek, narrow nostril

Here I am a couple of days later - you can for sure see the youth on my right side.

Thankfully I am going in tomorrow for the LEFT side!!! AHhhhh, Yay!
I am thrilled.

I will report back with a full face!

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