Monday, July 27, 2015


I recently discovered the Chantecaille Retinol Intense + and Fruits & Flowers Acid Mask.
AMAZING!!! a MUST use!!!

Introducing Retinol Intense+, a supercharged version of Retinol Intense boosted with twice the amount of Retinol and powerful brightening actives to help gently, yet effectively, reduce fine lines and clarify the skin. An elegant night cream that is both extremely healing and rejuvenating, Retinol Intense+ is a highly nourishing cream that works to regenerate skin at its most optimal time- while you sleep.

Wrinkles decreased by 56% and firmness increased by 23% after 3 months of continuous use
Hydration increased by 33% in 12 hours
Age spot size reduced by 25% in 8 weeks
Skin redness reduced starting at day 2 and up to 50% in 7 days

A gentle yet effective re-texturing mask infused with fruit of papaya and fresh grapefruit as well as flower acids of revitalizing hibiscus. The rich texture eliminates old cells revealing fresh skin that is immediately soothed and protected. The face looks smooth, clear and radiant.

  • Glycolic Acid extracted from sugar cane it gently yet effectively dissolves the keratin and eliminates damaged and dead cells
  • Hibiscus Flower Acid exfoliating and regenerative it boosts the synthesis of collagen. Considered to be a second generation of AHA’s, it increases cell turnover and is more moisturizing than lactic acid
  • Grapefruit and Papaya Acids are exfoliating and soothing. Rich in Vitamin C they brighten skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Caprylyl Glycol helps regulate and balance excessive oil production while anti-microbial properties target and suppress the germ unique to acne

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