Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mascara Must Haves. . .

Mascara Phenomen’Eyes from Givenchy

While the iconic brush remains unchanged, the recipe has been revisited, revised and reinvigorated. The new and improved formula contains a blend of four waxes – beeswax, paraffin, candelilla and carnauba – which make for a more malleable texture, while an elastic polymer assures a lengthy curve. Even better, the pigments are derived from an amino acid to ensure that color does not fade during the day.

Little Black Primer from Estée Lauder

With one mascara, comes three uses. Used on its own, the almost undetectable texture adds a light touch of color to the eyelashes for a natural effect. Applied all over the eyelashes, both top and bottom, it amplifies the effects of your normal mascara while used as a top-coat, the anti-humidity agents boosts the mascara’s staying power and preserve color.

Better Than False Lashes Extreme from Too Faced

The perfect kit for anyone who doesn’t dare fake it. While the first mascara lengthens, the second prepares the lashes for the sculpting nylon fibers, ready for a perfect finish and amplified color using the first once again.

Mascara 3D Cils Déployés from Dr Pierre Ricaud

Eyelashes lengthened by 21.4%, is the promise of this mascara. With a high-definition brush equipped with tiny, specially hooked bristles, it draws out even the shortest of lashes right in the corner of your eyes.

Mascara Cils Sensational from Gemey-Maybelline

With a fanned brush, equipped with six different sized bristles to reach all lashes, and a reduced-wax formula that contains humectants and fatty acids to protect from the elements, the latest power formula from Maybelline ensures a 180° look.

Mascara Waterproof Haute & Naughty from MAC

MAC have revisited their star mascara, adding the power of water-resistance with a formula so gentle it could be used as a treatment. Boasting an ingredients list rich in pure pigments, Haute and Naughty promises a color that’s more intense than ever before. Packed full of revitalizing agents which hydrate and protect, you can go out whatever the weather.

Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Baby Doll from Yves Saint Laurent

To celebrate a star product's fifteenth birthday, the couture house has perfected the formula for their star mascara, infusing it with two super complexes. Pro-vitamin B5 works actively throughout the day to assure lashes’ elasticity and a blend of almond oil, argan oil, castor oil and safflower oil bring their unbeatable nourishing and revitalizing properties.

Mascara Resurrection from Urban Decay

If your mascara starts to wear off at the end of a long day or if you have a habit of overloading your lashes in the morning rush, this is your new best friend. The transparent liquid serum knows exactly what to do, so apply and let it get to work. Must-have beauty for party girls in search of the perfectly framed eye.

Now the trick. . . choose ONE!

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