Thursday, September 6, 2012

wE aRe ReaDY !!!

Fashion Night out with Coco Rocha

Great article on her in the NY Times. . . 

More than just a pretty face, Ms. Rocha is one of the few models who has become known by just her first name. At a moment when the fashion industry has increasingly marginalized models — to anonymous, size 0 waifs, a life span of three seasons (that’s a year and a half in human years), and off the magazine covers in place of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga — she has emerged as the model’s liberator.

Her message is about reclaiming power in a profession that has been depleted of it. Her medium is the Web, where Ms. Rocha has acquired millions of followers across 13 social media platforms (400,000 on Twitter; 197,000 on Instagram; and 1.6 million on Google Plus, to name a few). Translating this popularity into a calculated, career-prolonging strategy, Ms. Rocha has earned spokeswoman gigs typically reserved for actresses, a secondary role as an advocate for model’s rights, and now, one of the most high-profile jobs of her career. This fall, Ms. Rocha will begin filming episodes of “The Face” on the Oxygen network (imagine “The Voice” for models), appearing alongside Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova as a celebrity coach.

Read the entire piece here.


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