Thursday, January 5, 2012

Time to Cleanse

I have been considering what type of cleanse I want to do over the next few weeks.
Today GOOP put out their thoughts on the matter and I am tempted to start this up.

It is slightly higher in price than other cleanses I have done but it certainly could be worth it.
I am sending it over to my trainer to get her thoughts.
You have a shake for breakfast, a solid meal for lunch (recommended list of foods and recipes) + the supplements,  and a shake for dinner.

The CLEAN cleanse also has a ton of great recipes you can check out, I actually love a lot of them already.
Some ideas are:

Chicken Wrap

Everyday Chop Salad

Wild Salmon Collard Wraps

The more I read and look at all of this the more I am totally digging it!
Given my schedule I think I need to start January 14th. . . 21 Day blast there after!

You can follow the updates on Facebook!  Where they will post updates and recipe ideas, so easy!

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